Why work at a multinational, multicultural company?

Working at a multinational corporation can be helpful for individuals who are striving to make a mark in their chosen careers. It helps them earn a decent salary, achieve work-play balance, and gain deeper industry knowledge. It also helps them become more competitive. There are many other reasons for joining multinational and multicultural companies such as the following:

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Increased marketability to employers

The global workplace seeks global-minded individuals. With a lot of employers expanding their operations into new territories, work experience in a multinational and multicultural company is a plus for recruitment. Having international experience makes an individual more attractive to potential employers. Moreover, these candidates may be considered to head operations in overseas sites.

Exposure to different customs and cultures

A great thing about working for multicultural companies is experiencing different cultures and customs. Aside from interacting with workmates from all over the world, individuals will learn a lot about local history, language, work culture, religion, politics, and more. It opens one’s mind to different possibilities.

A chance to work with some of the brightest people

Who does not want to be smart? Individuals employed by multinational companies collaborate with some of the smartest people of their generation. Learning is constant in a multinational working environment.

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Edmund O’Brien is a citizen of the world. Originally from Ireland, he is now a U.S. citizen who has worked with a lot of multinational organizations. Learn more about his professional work by visiting this LinkedIn page.

Why work at a multinational, multicultural company?

Handy Accounting: Mobile Apps For Accountants On The Go

For decades, accountants relied on handwritten ledgers with computers slowly crawling in as a must-have in the office. With the advancement of technology, knowledge in software like QuickBooks and Excel are considered essential for accountants.

These days, many accountants have their ledgers and account records on the palm of their hands—specifically, in their ubiquitous mobile phones. Here are some mobile apps that are great for accountants and other finance professionals.

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FreshBooks is a great way for accountants to make invoices, file taxes, organize expenses, and track receivables. Available for free on mobile for FreshBooks subscribers, it also allows clients to make fast payments via credit card, e-checks, and PayPal.


Mint may be tagged as a personal finance app, but it is also useful for small business accountants and entrepreneurs. Users can add bank accounts and credit cards, and the app will help automate recorded transactions through easy-to-read graphs.

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QuickBooks now comes in a mobile edition. Just like its desktop version, it offers accounting tools to help users manage and track their finances. While it comes with a free 30-day trial, users who have active subscriptions to QuickBooks may get the app for free.

Eddie O’Brien, a certified public accountant, currently serves as the CEO of the Americas at Arvato Bertelsmann. Prior to that, he spent years working for Microsoft. Visit this blog for related updates.

Handy Accounting: Mobile Apps For Accountants On The Go