How Will Machine Learning Affect Bpo Companies?

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People have always been the backbone of BPO companies. Their staggering growth in the last two decades have resulted into billions of dollars in business and have created millions of jobs around the world. Brands have looked to BPOs to supply round-the-clock service and corporations have relied on the skill of offshore workers. But with the onset of machine learning, will the service rendered by humans be deemed no longer adequate? Exactly how will machine learning the BPO industry?

The immediate reaction to this question is that machines will take over the work people do resulting to lay-offs by the millions. The same can be said about machines in the industrial revolution and how smart robots are making manufacturing safer and more efficient today.

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It’s no surprise that some businesses aim to automate parts of their services using artificial intelligence. They may do so because of huge savings they can get by automating services usually rendered by people. And with machine learning, harder tasks such as heavy computations and analysis can now be done with relative ease. Of course, this does not mean that people will become obsolete in the BPO industry.

Even with the capacity of machine learning to do work, it would require a good enough interface for people to understand and use machine learning services adequately. And a lot of people still would prefer to talk to someone competent and can be reasoned with.

Eddie O’Brien has had a long and storied career that has taken him all over the world. He graduated from the University of Cork and became a certified public accountant. He worked for several multinational companies in locations as varied as Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Spain. For more reads on technology, visit this blog.

How Will Machine Learning Affect Bpo Companies?

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