The Role It Plays In Your Business’ Survival

In the past two decades, the world has seen a shift in the way individuals interact, research, shop, and manage businesses. Nowadays, technology is paramount to the success of ventures. Most business operations, from marketing down to security issues, now begin in the digital world.

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Business leaders need to be knowledgeable in Information Technology, given its prominence in operations. Since it has changed significantly the face of modern business, IT systems are considerable investments.

Communications, both internal and external, are simplified and expedited by technology. Internal communication is coordinated within a firm or its different departments, while external communication includes a company’s relations with clients, potential clients, and public. External communications involve managing e-mails, social media accounts, online newsletters, and other platforms.

Meanwhile, a chunk of a company’s marketing is carried out digitally. Digital marketing necessitates technology support teams to implement and repair various kinds of software. A competent IT team is as critical to business survival, as it is to the success of any digital marketing strategy. Processes such as search engine optimization, website development, blogging, and social media targeting all demand professionals with the competence to deliver.

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Edmund O’ Brien is the CEO of the Americas at Arvato Bertelsmann, overseeing the growth and execution of a multibillion-dollar business that delivers a host of BPO services including SCM, CRM, financial, and IT solutions. For more updates from Edmund O’ Brien, subscribe to this blog.

The Role It Plays In Your Business’ Survival

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