Skype’s ‘Content Creator’ Mode To Offer Call Recording And More

Collaborations are now easier with Skype. Microsoft has recently revealed in a blog post that it will be launching a call recording feature for Skype’s ‘Content Creator’ mode.
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The software, which is a staple for many businesses and organizations, is known for its effective, powerful audio and video call features. For businesses that allow or require telecommuting of their employees, this new update will help create a more productive workplace.

The new feature will be available soon. Skype’s ‘Content Creator’ mode targets users like vloggers, streamers, and digital broadcasters to have live streaming calls (via YouTube), podcasts, and recorded videos via the platform. With the ‘Content Creator’ mode, users won’t have to invest in studio equipment because they can easily share their experiences through Skype.

Aside from call recording, users can also import and edit recording with Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition. It also supports third-party applications like Wirecast, Xsplit, and Vmix. With these new features, other screen capture applications won’t be needed as Skype can now provide clean feeds to video call participants with the users’ NBI-enabled software of choice. The update will be available to Windows 10 and Mac users.

In August 2017, Microsoft partnered with PayPal to allow users to send money through Skype. It looks like Microsoft is aggressive when it comes to launching new features for Skype.

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Eddie O’Brien is the CEO of the Americas at Arvato Bertelsmann. Before joining Arvato, he worked at Microsoft. For the latest technology and business updates, click here.

Skype’s ‘Content Creator’ Mode To Offer Call Recording And More

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