Top Microsoft Products That Defined Computing Technology

Microsoft might not have initially ventured into the hardware computing industry where a great deal of key players in the history of this technology created waves with the sophistication, complexity, and reliability of their machines that forever changed the enterprise. But as early as Alan Turing’s time, the conception of the modern computer rested on a set of programmable instructions. The software, inevitably, is an integral (even dominant) part of the development of computing.




Even if Microsoft finally decided to dive head-on with Xbox and Surface, primarily, it is still a company that successfully built its entire business on computer software and services. Here are three of the foremost products that revolutionized our experience with computers:

Visual Basic

This ingeniously simple and “basic” product might not ring a bell with the garden-variety user, but it was one of the simplest programming languages with efficient graphical toolsets that helped any budding developer in the 1990s to create apps for the platform. It democratized programming that was originally reserved for specialists.

Windows 95

Windows 95 was a culmination of Microsoft’s earlier experimentations and attempts to develop a graphical adjunct to MS-DOS. Sure, this one looks terribly old to young ones, but it initiated a lot of things people take for granted now. It liberated users from the cumbersome interface and functions of DOS and introduced them into the more streamlined approach of the GUI (Graphical User Interface). Not only did it feel more natural for non-programmers to interact with menus or icons, but the addition of the iconic “Start” button was an organizational flair that deserves a thumbs up.




Office 365

Microsoft enhanced the productivity software field with the introduction of Office 365, which bundles together services and software through a subscription model. The product solves a lot of the flexibility and optimization issues of old Office programs. There also seems to be an effort to embrace new trends like file sharing, cloud computing, and multi-platform support.

Eddie O’Brien has worked as a top executive for multinational corporations like Arvato Bertelsmann and Microsoft. For more information on his work, visit this Facebook page.


Top Microsoft Products That Defined Computing Technology