Why Should Employers Consider Applicants With Diverse Work Experience

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A few years ago, fresh graduates were usually instructed to specialize and focus on one field. While such advice has helped many, some people succeeded even with a diverse work experience. In this generation of young professionals, the number of so-called “career jumpers” are increasing, suggesting that most of these people are no longer anxious when it comes to switching jobs.

Given their lack of focus and expertise, why should employers consider applicants with diverse work experience? Here are some reasons:

These professionals have gained different skills.

An applicant with experience in retail and healthcare can help a management firm in another aspect of business compared to someone who has been working in the same field all his life. Despite lacking technical knowledge, the skills an applicant gained from other industries may help the company when it comes to drawing up new strategies or services. Bringing in new talent to work with experienced industry movers can produce better results. It can also expose the team to other approaches and processes that can be helpful in the long run.

They are also more willing to be trained.

The so-called “career jumpers” are aware that they are skilled in a lot of things but lack expertise. This makes them willing to be trained compared to those who have been working in the same industry for many years. Working in a new field makes them more attentive, helping them acquire new skills in a short span of time. When these professionals’ potentials are harnessed, they might decide to eventually focus all their energy and specialize in one field.

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They approach matters with a wider perspective.

Hiring a person with a different set of skills and experience can provide more insights to a team. With the same training, a team is only exposed to the same methods and resources. Having a fresh talent in the mix can help others approach problems with a different perspective that they might not have conventionally learned.

When it comes to hiring applicants, it is also important to look at the work ethic and achievements. Combining these factors with a person’s skills will determine if they are ready to take on the job.

Edmund O’Brien is a certified public accountant and serves as the CEO of the Americas at Arvato Bertelsmann. He has previously held executive positions in Arvato partner Microsoft from 1999 to 2014. Follow this Twitter page for similar updates.

Why Should Employers Consider Applicants With Diverse Work Experience